I Only Know What I Like

It was never my intention that this would be come a blog about music, but here I am again following up my confession about liking a Bieber song with this, another post about music. I did follow up on the whole Bieber thing, by the way, and determined that it’s strictly a one-shot deal. It’s just that one song, Love Yourself, that I seem to like, but boy, do I like it.

In my obsessive trip down the Bieber rabbit hole, I discovered Ed Sheeran, who co-wrote and performed on Love Yourself. Now of course I’ve heard his stuff before, but it never really registered that all these songs were the same guy. The same very talented guy. Interesting side note here: while looking into Mr. Sheeran I couldn’t help but think he looked like a lost Weasley. Apparently I’m not the only one who made that connection, because no sooner did I think it than I watched the video for Lego House. Clever video. Nice song. But I think I prefer the video for  Photograph, which is really quite beautiful and moving.

And while I’m on the topic of musical confessions, let me just say without shame that I enjoy Taylor Swift. Nothing more to say about that.

Apropos of nothing, am I the only one who can’t help thinking what an amazing voice Jim Morrison had? And honestly, instrumentally, The Doors were years and years ahead of their time. I mean, Peace Frog. Come on!

american-psycho-factsNow another confession: Duran Duran. Back in the day, I was quite vocal about not liking that band. But you know, some 30-odd years later, I gotta say…they were pretty damned good. Don’t get me wrong, my main complaint was and remains Simon le Bon’s whiny-assed voice, but musically they were really something. I could go off on a Patrick Bateman-esque monologue about the musical complexity of their poenhanced-buzz-21895-1386771831-13p and the undeniable skill of the group as musicians and song-writers, but I won’t. This is not, after all, a blog about music. It’s enough to say I like it. It’s good.

(Incidentally, did you know that after he left Doctor Who Matt Smith starred in a musical version of American Psycho? I would so love to have seen that. Sigh.)

Now, since we are wrapping up a post about music, I would be remiss if I didn’t include something about the greatest song ever. If for no other reason than it might somehow balance out all the seething whine-pop I’ve been talking about. So, a live version of Grim Reefer anyone?

Better still, maybe a nice juicy Bongripper album to add real value to an hour and a third of your life.