The Fever?

Ok, so I’m in the car and listening to the radio and that Drake song comes on, Hotline Bling. And I don’t normally dig Drake’s music so much, but I have to say, I’m liking this one. Maybe it’s the bossa nova organ in the background, or his weird Jamaican kind of accent, but this one I dig.

But that’s not the big surprise. I love bossa nova. No, the big surprise comes on the radio next.

The next song is a simple little ditty, male singer. Catchy. I like it. A lot. It seems familiar, but I can’t place it, because I don’t really listen to Justin Bieber.

Say what? Justin Bieber?

Yeah, that’s right. I found myself liking a Bieber song. Love Yourself. Honestly, it’s good.

Now I did read a headbieberfeverline somewhere that said Bieber’s new album has hit a deeper audience than his earlier work, especially among, ahem, older men. Any by that I presume they mean guys over 22. So it’s not like I’m alone in becoming a belieber late out of the gate. But still.

So hell. Now I have to go an listen to a bunch of Drake and Bieber to see if there’s more I like there.

Is it just one song, or have I caught the fever?

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5 thoughts on “The Fever?

    • markhand says:

      I got sidetracked when my protagonist’s dog Bandit unexpectedly entered the scene and things went a little askew, narratively speaking.

      No, not really.

      • Jenny says:


        “Don’t be ridiculous,” said Laura, “I’m not scared.”

        “I’ll take over now,” said the mayor, throwing on her mayor sash and heading to the door. “There’s no need for anyone here to worry.”


        Suddenly, a small black and white dog appeared at the door. He looked a little bit hungry, but more dirty than anything.

        “Why it’s a dog,” said the mayor.

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