Still the One

I do love television, and I will miss it when it’s gone.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ll always have television shows, what I mean is that the network model is doomed and won’t be with us much longer. Which isn’t such a bad thing, really, but I have fond memories of television as a child.

There are a few triggers that bring back these nostalgia moments, and one of the strongest is the song “Still the One” by Orleans.

Back in the day, when a network’s brand actually meant something, they used to use hit songs to promote themselves and had all the stars of all their series singing along. I used to love those.

I heard the song on the radio this morning and it brought back all kinds of happy childhood memories.

It’s weird to think my kids are having a completely different childhood than mine. The idea of a TV commercial is foreign to them, they only see shows on DVD or the computer. But I suppose their childhood is not quite as different as mine compared to my Dad’s. I mean, I didn’t grow up with German bombers flying overhead, after all. And no TV at all.

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