I Find a Shoggoth Makes Any Story Better, Don’t You?

How about another story?

Mayan-CalendarThis one is a couple of years old, written in 2012, to be exact. It is called, appropriately enough, Mexico, 2012.

It features a wonderful protagonist: me. Well, an alternate version of me if I was sort of like Indiana Jones, only cooler. Way cooler. He saves the world a lot.

This alternate Mark Hand features in a number of stories, including an unfinished opus novel that takes a short novel I wrote for the 3 Day Novel Writing Contest (called “The Crack of Venus: The Utterly True Story of how Galileo Galilei Saved the World in the Year 1633”) and layers it as the background for me saving the world. Again.

The world does seem to be in jeopardy rather often in my stories. Hmmm.

Anyway, read Mexico, 2012, the story of how I discovered why the Mayan calendar ended in 2012. It features exotic locations, cools cars, cultists, ancient artifacts, divine cappuccino, a bag of mushrooms, a Lovecraftian monster, and an end of the world party that very nearly was.



A Little Bit of Writing

poblog 035From time to time I’ll be posting some bits of creative writing onto the site: short stories, scripts, TV bibles, chunks o’ novel. Some new stuff will make it up here, but a lot will be blasts from the past, like this first story I originally wrote back in aught-three, but revised a few years ago and sent out to a number of publications. It came close, but never quite made it into print.

It made the final cut for publication in On Spec magazine, but they felt it was too young adult for their readership. So on their advice I sent it to some YA magazines: Scape e-zine also said it came “very close,” and Cicada also liked it but felt that the protagonist was too young.

Read Kinderex™, the story of Hannah, a young girl who sees monsters. Fortunately there’s a new drug on the market designed to deal with troubled children; unfortunately, Hannah has other ideas about how Kinderex can help her cope.

(I promise, the graphic above will make sense if you read it.)

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